Friday, June 24, 2011

'I don't do blogs'

last weekend i took down some moulding and had a giveaway table.
about two hundred artforums got dragged to the corner.

can that be some kind of long haiku?

its 3 days til i move and i feel some blog urgency, like i'm not allowed to post anymore once out of the building, so i should cram in a few more entries no matter that there's no inspiration to at the moment. this is the heart of the problem with blogs. a friend's mother recently and most bluntly replied to my post update: "i dont do blogs". ...

... i can totally relate.

more later, sorry!
thanks for reading!


  1. thanks for writing this blog. i'm heartbroken for you and everyone who has called 7 and a half home for all these years. i hate that progress always has to mean demolition of the past. how are we to ever have any connection to our history?

  2. thanks for commenting creampuff. the only thing constant is change. if i remember that i feel sort of ok. sort of